Origin JOJO NFT Refine and Breed

In the JOJO continent, in order to better survive, some JOJO small yellow chicken bodies have been born with a genetic gene that can better adapt to the new environment, and the progeny of these genes will have different appearance characteristics.

Genetic Genes Refinement

When the user obtains the Origin JOJO NFT through a blind box, these Origin JOJO can be refined to obtain “Genetic Genes” attribute.

The number of Genetic Genes that different types of NFTs can be different, and the more rare NFT will have more Genetic Genes.

Example: JOJO Farmer will get 1~3 Genetic Genes randomly after refinement.

Genetic Genes are divided into 8 parts, each of which produce 7 different traits, for a total of 56 Genetic Genes. Different Genetic Genes have different HashRate. Genetic Genes will not affect the HashRate and image of Origin JOJO NFT, but it will determine the HashRate and image of Child JOJO NFT.

During Origin JOJO NFT refinement, the method and sequence of genetic determination are as follows:

1. Determine the number of Genetic Genes obtained;

2. Determine the part of the Genetic Genes;

3. Determine the type of Genetic Genes obtained.

The HashRate and the probability of obtaining the Genetic Genes of different parts are as follows:

Gene part: Eyes

Gene part: Nose

Gene part: Mouth

Gene part: Gesture

Genetic part: Facial accessories

Gene part: Clothes

Gene part: Shoes

Gene part: Hat

Origin NFT needs to consume $JOJO or $BNB when refining. The higher the HashRate of NFT, the more $JOJO or $BNB when refining.


After Origin JOJO obtains the Genetic Genes, every 2 Origin JOJO can breed and generate new Child JOJO.

At the current stage, only Origin JOJO NFT has the ability to breed. After the game of JOJO NFT as the theme is launched, we will open the breed function of Child JOJO NFT.

Not every Genetic Gene will be passed on to the next generation. Different types of Origin JOJO NFT have different genetic probabilities.

Each JOJO NFT has 3 breeding opportunities, and breeding needs to consume $JOJO or $BNB. The more breeding times, the more $JOJO will be consumed.

Different types of NFTs will have different Modification Factor for the amount of $JOJO consumed during breeding.

Child JOJO NFT HashRate Calculation Method

After the new JOJO NFT is generated through breeding, it will take 24 hours of incubation time to become a mature JOJO, with Genes and HashRate inherited from the parents.

Child JOJO NFT HashRate = (Maternal Genetic HashRate) + (Genetic Genes HashRate)

Among them, 10%~30% of the sum of Maternal HashRate will be passed on to Child JOJO.


JOJO Farmer and JOJO Chef are breeding, JOJO Farmer’s HashRate is 100, and JOJO Chef HashRate is 130

Child JOJO NFT HashRate= (Maternal genetic HashRate) + (Genetic Genes HashRate)

Then the Minimum HashRate of the Child JOJO NFT (Maternal hereditary HashrRate)=(100+130)*10%=23

If the Genetic Genes HashRate obtained by Child JOJO NFT is 100, then the minimum HashRate of the Child JOJO NFT = 100 + 23 = 123

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