JOJO NFT Pool 2.0: Stake JOJO NFT to Earn Up to 4 Billion $JOJO

  1. A new pool, “JOJO NFT Pool 2.0”, will be launched and will allow Origin JOJO NFT, Child JOJO NFT and JOJO FUN NFT to be staked; Genesis NFT Pool, Play-to-Earn NFT Pool, Wink Eye Pool , HeadSet Pool, JOJO FUN NFT Pool will stop distributing rewards;
  2. Two Billion $JOJO will be injected into JOJO NFT Pool 2.0 in advance. After that, for every 1,000,000 increase in the total HashRate of JOJO NFT Pool 2.0, 400 Million $JOJO will be injected into JOJO NFT Pool 2.0 until the total bonus of the pool reaches 4 Billion $JOJO;
  3. Since the issuance price of different JOJO NFTs is also different, the HashRate of JOJO FUN NFT after stake will be 1/4 of its original HashRate;
  4. The “HashRate Multiplier” of JOJO NFT Pool 2.0 and the $JOJO that needs to be staked are as follows:




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