JOJO Meta DAO is Recruiting Global Community Ambassadors Now

3 min readFeb 28, 2022


Hello everyone, the JOJO Community has been established for more than 7 months. More than 300,000 users from over 100 countries around the world have joined the JOJO community and worked together for the construction of the JOJO.FUN Metaverse. During this period, JOJO Global Community Ambassadors played a huge role.

In order to further strengthen JOJO’s influence in the world and let JOJO community ambassadors play a more important role in JOJO community governance, we decided to recruit community ambassadors from all over the world and include JOJO community ambassadors into JOJO Meta DAO.

JOJO Meta DAO Vault

JOJO will establish JOJO Meta DAO Vault, and there are 2 main sources of JOJO Meta DAO Vault:

JOJO Meta DAO Donation Program: JOJO community members can donate $JOJO to the JOJO Meta DAO Vault, get JOJOPOWAH and participate in the JOJO community governance.

Users who donate $JOJO to the JOJO Meta DAO will also hold JOJOPOWAH in the following amounts:

√(JOJO * 10/100)

JOJO DEV Team will donate 500 million $JOJO to JOJO Meta DAO Vault, more than 21% of current total revenue.

Profits of projects incubated by JOJO Meta DAO: JOJO Meta DAO will cooperate with well-known IPs to invest in Game, CryptoToy and other fields, and part of the profits will enter the JOJO Meta DAO Vault.

The salary of the JOJO Community Ambassador will be paid by the JOJO Meta DAO Vault, and the JOJO Community Ambassador will also be accountable to the JOJO Meta DAO.

How to become JOJO Global Community Ambassador?

If you would like to become a JOJO Global Community Ambassador, please fill out the form below:

And provide the appropriate information:

Your country and time zone
Your Telegram ID
Your Discord ID
Your Twitter ID
Your Advantage
When did you join the JOJO community
What work have you done for the JOJO community in the past days
What are your plans for the development of the JOJO community in your country

Please submit your application by 12PM UTC March 6th, we will announce the shortlist of candidates to the community after collecting the information.

In the end, 12 members will be elected as JOJO Global Community Ambassadors. This number may vary based on actual conditions. JOJO Global Community Ambassadors need to submit work reports to JOJO Meta DAO, and JOJO Global Community Ambassadors will be re-elected once a month.

Tip: The original JOJO community ambassador also needs to submit an application.

The Benefits for JOJO Global Community Ambassadors

The salary of the JOJO Global Community Ambassador will be paid by the JOJO Meta DAO Vault, issued once a month and divided into 2 parts: Base Salary and Additional Bonus.

With a Base Salary of $160 worth of $JOJO per month, community ambassadors are required to do the following:

Manage JOJO Telegram Community and Discord Community;
Spread the news about $JOJO on Telegram, Discord, Twitter and other channels;
Guide new members to join the JOJO community;
Expand the influence of JOJO in the local market;

When community ambassadors complete specific tasks, they will also receive Additional Bonuses ranging from $50 to $1000. Specific tasks include:

Form a local community of a certain size and maintain its activity;
Invite well-known KOLs to join the JOJO community;
Plan and complete promotion activities, let the traffic of JOJO official website has been greatly increased;
Introduce well-known IPs to join JOJO.FUN Metaverse IP Plan;

JOJO Meta DAO will pay salaries to community ambassadors based on their work reports and announce to the community.

JOJO Global Community Ambassador Application Entrance: