JOJO Magic War V1.2 has been launched

1. The ticket mechanism has been cancelled

As long as you have at least 3 JOJO NFTs (currently supports JOJO Origin NFT & JOJO Child NFT), you can join the game for free without paying for tickets. You only need to spend one energy per game.

About energy:

Each account will initially have 50 energy, and each game consumes 1 energy. Refine a JOJO NFT to restore 20 energy.

2. The rewards for each game have been adjusted

Changed from rank 1~3 of each game can get rewards in the old version to rank 1~6 of each game can get rewards. details as follows:

3. Shorter seasons

The season has been changed from 4 weeks with 10 games per match day to 2 weeks with 5 games per match day. You can get season rewards more easily.



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