JOJO Magic War: Strategy Chapter

Strategy in “Preparation Stage”

Combining the previously published articles, we can rearrange the information:

  1. On each Match Day, the Arena will be opened 10 times, and players can choose different time periods to participate in the match;
  2. Players with similar “Winning Points” will enter the same “Room” and start a battle, and there will be 6 players in each “Room”;
  3. After entering the room, there will be a “Preparation Stage” that lasts for a few minutes, during which you can see your opponents and the “Battle Cards” they have;
  4. You can specify the order in which the first 3 “Battle Cards” are played during the “Preparation Stage”.
  1. Because of the “restraint relationship”, Cards with high ATK and Clans with high HP may not always win, but they do have advantages;
  2. The “Preparation Stage” is very important, you can predict the order of your opponent’s cards based on known information;
  3. If you miss the “preparation stage”, don’t worry, the game will proceed normally, your cards will be played randomly, and your opponent’s deployment may be accidentally disrupted;
  4. “Your Clan has fewer Battle Cards than your opponent” doesn’t necessarily give you a disadvantage, because before the start of each round, the “Battle Cards” that were played before are put back into the deck, so as long as If your team has more than 3 Battle Cards, the game can be completed normally;
  5. But I strongly recommend that you still need to collect Battle Cards of different magics, otherwise your chances of being restrained in battle will be greatly improved;
  6. In the last week of each season, the “WP” you get in the game will double, which is a good opportunity for you to surpass others;
  7. Good luck to you.

Strategy Cards and JOJO FUN NFT

In JOJO Magic War 2.0, we will add “Strategy Cards”. In our current conception, JOJO Magic War 2.0 will contain 3 types of strategy cards: Positive Cards, Invalid Cards and Neutral Cards.



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