JOJO Magic War Regional League

As the most popular game in the JOJO community, to enrich the gameplay and to thank you for your support, we are launching the JOJO Magic War Regional League, where you can participate in competitions, invite players, win $JOJO rewards every week and represent your region with glory!

1. Sign up by filling out the form:

2. Contact the JOJO Community Administrator to authenticate your region; Telegram ID: @blockget

3. In the game leaderboard, the flag of your country will be added to the address of all verified players.

Invitation details

a. filling in the address of the invitee in a Google form.

b. The establishment of an invitation relationship through the JOJO Knights invitation link.

In the event of a conflict between these two forms, form a will prevail

To be considered a valid invitation, the player you invite must meet the following requirements.

a. Players who have never participated in JOJO Magic War before the release of JOJO Magic War Season 1

b. The new player has played at least 2 games of JOJO Magic Wars after you have successfully invited them

a. The top 3 invites need to have ≥ 5 players

b. After the rewards are released, all invite data for the week will be cleared

Regional league rules details

Individual player match points: WP + number of matches*2

Regional points: the sum of points of all certified players in the region

a. The top 2 players in the region will receive $1,200,000 JOJO and $800,000 JOJO respectively.

b. In addition, all players in the region who have played 5 or more games of the JOJO Magic Wars will receive a further $1,000,000 in JOJO.



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