JOJO Magic War Mini Season with 50,000,000 $JOJO Reward Pool is Coming

JOJO Magic War Mini Season

  1. The Official Season usually lasts for a month, and the Mini Season lasts for a shorter period of time;
  2. Players’ NFTs can participate in the Mini Season as long as they have Genes, no additional Refining is required;
  3. There are only 180 quota in the Mini Season, and only players who hold JOJO Maigc Tome can sign up;
  4. After the official season is over, the top 100 players of the “Wining Point Leaderboard” will receive an additional $JOJO bonus, and since there are fewer participants in the Mini Season, this number will be 50 in the Mini Season;
  5. Also because the Mini Season has fewer participants, you have a better chance of making it to the top 50 of the “Winning Point Leaderboard”.

JOJO Magic War Closed Beta




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