JOJO Magic War Mini Season with 50,000,000 $JOJO Reward Pool is Coming

JOJO Magic War Mini Season

In order to let more players understand the gameplay of JOJO Magic War, we will start the two-week JOJO Magic War Mini Season from March 28, and players who hold JOJO Magic Tome NFT can sign up to join. The Mini Season will consist of 10 Match Days, March 28-April 1and April 4-April 8. Compared with the Official Season, the Mini Season will have the following features:

  1. The Official Season usually lasts for a month, and the Mini Season lasts for a shorter period of time;
  2. Players’ NFTs can participate in the Mini Season as long as they have Genes, no additional Refining is required;
  3. There are only 180 quota in the Mini Season, and only players who hold JOJO Maigc Tome can sign up;
  4. After the official season is over, the top 100 players of the “Wining Point Leaderboard” will receive an additional $JOJO bonus, and since there are fewer participants in the Mini Season, this number will be 50 in the Mini Season;
  5. Also because the Mini Season has fewer participants, you have a better chance of making it to the top 50 of the “Winning Point Leaderboard”.

JOJO Magic War Closed Beta

Before the JOJO Magic War Mini Season, we will have 2 rounds of Closed Beta to help us improve the game experience. Game quality in Closed Beta does not represent final game quality.



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