JOJO Magic Tome: Do you want a Magical Journey?

What is JOJO Magic Tome?

JOJO Magic Tome is a special mechanism in JOJO Magic War. When you purchase and activate JOJO Magic Tome, you will get “Tome Points” after winning games or completing Daily Quest and unlock various rewards.

How to unlock JOJO Magic Tome rewards?

Players need to unlock rewards based on the “Tome Points” they get. Like we said before, there are 2 ways to get “Tome Points”: winning games and completing Daily Quest.

  1. After completing a game, players will get corresponding WPs according to their rankings, and will also get “Tome Points” that are the same as the number of WPs.

Reward Introduction

Strategy Card A: 50% chance to invalidate the opponent’s Strategy Card

How to get JOJO Magic Tome?

In JOJO Magic War 2.0, “Strategy Card” and “Arena Skin” will be implemented. Before that, players can buy and activate JOJO Magic Tome in advance, complete tasks and get rewards.



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