How to Play2Earn in JOJO Magic War?

Visit the homepage

Buy Tickets

You need to buy a ticket before joining the game.

Stake NFTs

Click “Play” in the Homepage, and then you can stake NFTs to the game.

Join Game

Click “Join” Button, and then you can use a ticket to join the game.

Check your opponent’s cards

When the countdown is over, we will join the game. Each game will be played by 6 players, and under the new mechanism, 6 players with similar Winning Points will join the same game, which will ensure a fair game. You can easily find yourself here because only your own HP bar is blue.


In the arena, you have 1 minute to play a 1v1 duel with your opponent. The player whose HP drops below 0 first will lose the game. If after 1 minute, no player’s HP drops below 0, the player with lower HP will lose the game.

Game History and Rewards

Click “Account” Button, you can find the game history and the rewards you can claim here.

Winning Points Leaderboard

Click “Ranking” in the homepage, you can find:



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